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Back when Satoru was a student, he was extremely confident in his abilities and reputation , believing himself to be invincible, his opinion of others often only going as far as his judgement of their strength, and he was quite apathetic towards anyone he deems weak.


Additionally, greatly influenced by his own desire for power, he was very arrogant, convinced that he is the strongest in the world, which he technically is, claiming that "throughout the Heavens and earth, he alone is the honored one.", his extensive amount of pride and arrogance after perfecting his reverse cursed technique in his following battle against Toji Fushiguro.


During intense battles, Satoru is seen to occasionally fall into a frenzied fighting state, urged by his determination for victory and undeniable proof that he alone is the strongest. His combative style is characterized by his aggressive and domineering attacks, while flaunting his mastered techniques to his opponents.


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