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About Loren Marie - Loolastrations

I'm Loren Marie, the face behind Loolastrations. I'm a British freelance illustrator located in South East London, UK. 

When I was young I always had a pencil, a pack of crayons and paper in my hands. I have been very much influenced by anime and Disney's animated movies and tv shows. 

I've found that through my art,  those two influences have reflected in my art style. I get excited when I have a new concept for an illustration where I can convey feeling and a story. 

Recently I uploaded my art work to my Instagram and within a few months it grew to almost 2K + followers and my social media presence is still growing!!

Some of my followers are aspiring artists, clients and people who just love art.  I'm actively building an art community who enjoy the same interests. 


I'm fortunate enough to work with Anime Con UK as their official artist which is one of the largest anime and k-pop con in the UK as well as being apart of the Genshin Impact Content Creator Program where I create illustrations celebrating with the community who love the game. 

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