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Katsuki is a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive person, Katsuki's Quirk is Explosion , which allows him to make explosions from his hands by detonating the nitroglycerin-like substance he sweats


Katsuki tends to come off as unheroic; this problematic behavior going all the way back to his early childhood days when he was known to bully a young, Quirkless, Izuku Midoriya.


However, after they both entered U.A. High School and Katsuki lost to Izuku in training, he began to see him differently.


  • Durable Waterproof '3D Movement Stickers'

    Stick them on any accessory you wish to upgrade such as:

    Your Car, Console, Laptop, the opportunities are endless! 

    Easily removeable with a credit card.

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