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Killua ( Hunter x Hunter) known for his complex personality, his incredible fighting skills, and his ability as a "Hunter". Killua is a member of the famous and powerful Zoldyck family of assassins, but he decides to leave his family to become a Hunter and to find his own path in life.


He is a skilled assassin and has a lot of experience in killing but also try to find a way to live with his past and his moral compass. He uses his powers as a hunter to help his friends and grow as a person.


This sticker could be placed on a laptop, console, phone case, or even on a car window. The unique lenticular technology allows the image to change depending on the angle of view, providing an added element of surprise and excitement.


  • Durable Waterproof '3D Movement Stickers'

    Stick them on any accessory you wish to upgrade such as:

    Your Car, Console, Laptop, the opportunities are endless! 

    Easily removeable with a credit card.

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