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This phone grip features a dynamic image of Loid, one of the main characters of the popular anime Spy x Family.


He is an assassin known as Twilight and an important member of the team of the protagonist. He is known for his unique abilities, his intelligence and his sense of humor.


This phone grip is a perfect way to show off your love for the series and makes it easier to hold your phone, it also has a stand function, allowing you to prop your phone up to watch videos or make video calls hands-free.

Loid Phone Grip

  • Our phone grips are the perfect accessory for any anime fan looking to show off their love for their favorite characters.

    Made of durable materials, these grips securely attach to the back of your phone, providing a comfortable and secure grip while you use your phone. The product also features a stand function, which allows you to prop your phone up to watch videos or make video calls hands-free.

    To use the phone grip, simply clean the back of your phone and align the grip with the desired position, then press firmly to ensure a secure attachment. To remove the grip, gently pull it off from the edges.

    It's important to be careful when extending the stand function on the grip as it can be fragile if not handled properly. To fully extend the stand, hold the phone grip firmly and pull the stand outwards slowly and gently until it locks into place. When you're done using the stand, collapse it back  by gently pushing it inwards.